Monday, September 26, 2011

It's a boy

Today we found out we are having a boy due March 23, 2012 . Wish I felt better so I could post more. But the little guy makes me sick every night so I never feel like being on the computer!! We kind of always thought it was a boy but we are so excited we can't wait!!!!!

Here are some pictures of the ultra sound they got some pretty good shots!!

This is totally all boy he is sitting Indian style crossing his legs with his wee wee for everyone to see.

This one creeps me right out he looks like a mean mean skeleton!!! But I like that you can see all his healthy bones!!!! His one arm was resting behind it's head the whole time just chilling!!

So this one is a profile picture. This is the one I can tell he is a Kraupp we tend to have a little larger shnozes(nose) and you can totally see it haha! He is mine!!

Last one is my favorite picture you can see everything so well his little femur and foot and all that just chilling!!!!

This is the cute little hoodie we bought for him looks like Zach!!!

And these cute pants!! This outfit will have him looking just like his daddy!!!!