Sunday, November 29, 2009

Zach's Early Christmas

Zach is a little bit spoiled for this Christmas. I had to give it to him early cause i knew as soon as it started snowing he wouldn't give it up.. I surprised Zach with a snowmobile this Christmas (but it was on Thanksgiving) haha. It all started out when all of Zach's friends were buying snowmobiles for this winter. I thought we weren't going to need one because Zach does snowmobile tours over 4 days a week. I figured that would be enough snowmobiling and he could just use the ones up at his work. But no we have to have our OWN snowmobile... Now i figured i would be the best wife or he would think i would be the best wife if i surprised him with a snowmobile for Christmas... So i called my brother who sales snowmobiles and told him to find the one that Zach wants. So i had him pull it over for Thanksgiving. So when we got to my Grandma's just getting ready to eat. Their was this snowmobile in the back yard with a huge Christmas bow on it. Zach looks out and is confused his face is turning red, and he goes "Kraupp is this for real?" i started laughing and was like ya babe Merry Christmas this is for you... He says " are you playing a rude joke on me?" We were all laughing and he was just in shock. He said i was the best wife on the planet so i scored some points with that. He didn't want to leave that snowmobile all that day he kept saying " I am going to go out and check on it." So he would go out and just like sit on it! He cracks me up... Well Merry Christmas Babe! Hope you love it...

Give Thanks

For Thanksgiving this year we went up to my Grandma Kraupp's in good old Rigby Idaho. We had a ton of fun. There were so many little kids there! We were for sure the oldest ones there on both sides of the family... But we do have some pretty cute little cousins. My grandma made the Thanksgiving dinner it was super good! The rest of the weekend we shopped and hung out with both sides of my parents families. We also took family pictures hopefully they turn out cute i am sure i will post them soon.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Ready or not....Here comes winter!!!!!! It's officially started! Christmas winter ITS ALL HERE

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Zach and a couple of his buddies went out the the thrice concert in salt lake! they had fun.... NO GIRLS ALLOWED!!!


Halloween was crazy and so so much fun. We went with Amber and Cole they are so much fun to hang out with. We all dressed up and went to dinner. We went out to Flaming Gorge and watched scary movies out in Zach's cabin in the middle of the woods. P.S. on the way up the car broke down so we were basically stranded! Then Zach's dad came out and got us in his truck and that truck broke down! Who has that bad of luck. Anyways we made it home. It was definitely a holiday to remember!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


So now i totally have a blog! They are a little confusing! I was going to go back and write a bunch of stuff from the wedding yada yada! But i figured what the heck i will start fresh. SO here i am a new blogger! Thank you much Kacee Jane for helping me!

Were Engaged!

Zach and I were engaged on April 22,2008! He sent me on a scavanger hunt to a lot of places we went on dates. Then he took me to the temple that i took out my endowments! I love my future hubbie!