Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bronson picture overload

I am obsessed with him!!! It's crazy when you have a kid just your instant love for them!!! He is changing soo much! I still need to write about my birth story hoping to get that done this week! Here are some fun pictures of the past to weeks of me being a mommy!

Happy dreams love when I see that smile.

Nessa and I HAD to go shopping for some normal cute clothes!

He sleeps with his arms up like his mom.

Coloring Easter eggs with the family.

Ty brought his friends to color eggs too!

Always sleeping...

2 weeks old today just had his check up. He is the same weight as birth which is good. The doctor said usually bigger babies (like him) usually lose weight cause it's harder to keep the weight on. But everything looks great he is a happy and healthy baby boy! We couldn't be happier!!!


Kix will always sit by Bronson she is still confused about what is going on and who took her place!

In his crib...

Funny faces from the little man!

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Bronson Zach Lundgreen

He is here!!!!!!!!! Birth story soon to come.

I was induced on 3/26 @ 7:00

This is my support team!!! Couldn't of done it with out you mom!!! You are sooo amazing!!! Hope I can be half the mom you are to me!!

We had him at the Park City hospital. Soooo amazing!!! Such awesome nurses and doctors!

He finally arrived 8 lb 6 oz & 20.5 inches long!!!! He is perfect!

The little guy! Sorry for the picture overload I am sooo obsessed with him.

We finally decided on a name! It was between:

Brock Z Lundgreen
Gavin Kraupp Lundgreen
Miles D Lundgreen
Bronson Zach Lundgreen

I never want to put him down!

Sleeping all cozy like

Poor guy has jhoundice has to be on the lights :(

So little in his car seat

Little foots

I can't stop kissing these cheeks

So cute and little

Moving day kinda stressful after having a baby a week ago!!

Happy 1 week old birthday! He is changing to fast!

Had to get a pic of us moving at this crazy time so he knows we were moving a week after he was here!!!

More details and pictures to come!!! Life is just a little crazy right now!!! We are just so glad and blessed we can have this cute little boy in our life!!!!

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