Sunday, November 7, 2010


We have been super busy feels like i haven't blogged in forever! Zach's brother just came home on Tuesday from serving a 2 year mission in Tempe Arizona.. We are so proud of him he was a great missionary.. But at the same time we are so glad to have him back!
I have been helping the cheerleaders up here at the High School. They have a Thriller performance were every dance class up here does a little performance. My sister and I made up a dance for them to perform they did a great job it has been fun to do cheer stuff again!

We are teaching 5-6 year olds in Primary we love it! We have been practicing for our Primary program its been fun anyways one of the boys in our class Gibson gave the cutest prayer he said:

Heavenly Father

Thanks for dying for us

Help us to not drink drugs

Help us never do bad

Thanks for the earth