Saturday, May 21, 2011

MO's New Do

This is a BIG day for Mo

She hasn't cut her hair since 4th grade!!!

This is her hair from her extensions from the wedding...
This is her NATURAL HAIR we haven't cut it in FOREVER cause it has been in extensions for over 2 1/2 years

Coloring her hair
The color was AMAZING my favorite color on her..
This was Mo's hair we CHOPPED OFF OVER 9 INCHES
This was our goal Jennifer Aniston's new-do and in person color the color and cut is identical.. This is my favorite cut!

Here is the babe herself! It's so so cute on her i love it!
Like I was saying the girl needed a CHANGE since 4th grade haha

And even better her 3 week old husband Chase LOVES it
Sometimes he doesn't think before he speaks. His first words when he was her,
"Babe you look so much better"
Even though he didn't mean it like that he likes it A LOT

Thanks for letting me cut it Mo I had SO SO MUCH FUN!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Well Well Well...
It's been awhile since i posted last
MO is MARRIED!!!! I can't even believe it. We are so happy for her and Chase they are such a great great couple and bring out the best in each other! We haven't got the pictures back from the wedding yet so when we do i will post them ASAP... Her wedding was absolutely GORGEOUS! My mom and her friends are amazing decorators.

This is Grandma & me planting the flowers before the wedding..
Me & Cute Granny
We just bought a new car it's a Subaru Impreza wagon
And we LOVE LOVE IT. It was great for the 25 HOUR long drive to
Houston Texas!
This was one of our stops on the Road Trip to Texas
only 3 more FULL states to go through
Going through the Border in El Paso, TX

ZACH IS DONE DONE DONE with his Bachelors
I am going to have to brag about him for a second.. He graduated in International Business & Business Management.. He graduated from UVU in the top 15% with honors..
He also had to take this Capstone class in order to graduate. What it is is you basically run your own business and such his final for that he was in the TOP TEN for highest score..
and get this
He is a smarty pants.. I am so proud of him and all of his hard work

Long hair has been fun these pics just trying new fun things i would show a step by step like some people asked me to..but it will be hard to hold it all! I will get my sister though and show ya how its super easy and fun..
Also i got a sewing machine for my birthday from my MAMMA and so i have been making fun little blankets that my Grandma taught me..
I also am going to try and make one like this one on the RIGHT

and now for

It's been fun here living right by Mo & Chase they live right above us in this apartment complex
& also my super good friend Sarah and her husband..
In that aspect it is so fun

It gets BORING...
Today i just got internet & cable which helps
Zach is doing super good at selling so it makes it all worth it...