Friday, January 21, 2011


My poor little hubby had to get INTENSE SHOULDER SURGERY!! He injured his shoulder first when he was about 18 from snowboarding.. The kid is NUTS! This is his 3 shoulder surgery and not to mention he busted his femur snowboarding! So the doctor said this was a super huge surgery for a shoulder they explained it like a golf tee and a golf ball.. 1/2 of the golf tee(bone) is busted off from his shoulder always falling out of his socket.. And the ball is really damaged they had to smooth it out and put a metal cup around it.. The surgery we were told would take 2 hrs but it took 5! The doctor said there was way more damage then the MRI showed... but they went in and re attached a bone and re tightened everything... He is in a lot of pain but surprisingly super super pleasant.. I think I would be a little different so lets just say i am glad he doesn't have to take care of me haha! Everyone keep him in your prayers that he has a fast and healthy recovery.. thanks
p.s. MO IS ENGAGED!! Chase asked her on Wednesday! We tricked her she thought it was all coming on Thursday so she was in huge shock.. her ring is gorgeous and we couldn't be more happy for them! LOVE YOU MO...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!!! Z turned 26 January 14.. he is getting kinda old haha.. We went to the Cheesecake factory for his birthday with Mo & Chase, and Cody and Hailey (Cody is Zach's brother)
This is a picture from Zach's family Christmas party little Carter being a cute little wiseman

This is a couple pics from Zach and me at the VEGAS BOWL.. go Boise haha

These are of course more famous people.. The other day Zach took out Katherine Heigl and her husband on a snowmobile tour.. Then his husband came back and Zach took all his friends.. They actually have a house like 2 miles from where we live... This other man was MY first famous person I saw.. Mo and I went boarding together and came in for lunch and HERCULES came and sat by us. Does anyone remember the old days the movies Xena and Hercules.. Haha FOR SURE not as cool as all of Zach's famous people he meets, but hey it's a start..
Ha ha i found these pics i had to try on my dress see if it still fit from 2 YEARS AGO... man how time flies... anyways it fit better so thats kinda good new ehh??

Late Christmas Post

This is kind of a late post but we have been super super busy!! Christmas was so great and fun this year... We were all home for the holidays even with the Grandma it was a lot of fun... We did so many fun fun things. Our family all went to the Vegas bowl with the Utes and Boise. We also all went snowboarding on Christmas eve which was so fun.
This is all the boys with their PJS.. HEY TY wrong team... Brandon and Jamie his FIANCE they are getting married in March.. she is a great family addition
Here is Mo and her NOW FIANCE.. They are getting married April 30th!! He is a fun addition to the family
Me getting ready for the game I just got this new camera it is a Nikon SO MUCH FUN! Ty and I wore BOISE jerseys... Mainly so we could talk smack!!

Here is all of us with our cute PJ's... Thank ya MOMMY AND DADDY

Here is Kix with us for our first Christmas...

The Boys with their new JERSEYS... Dad was super stoked with the Colts Jersey... Too bad we weren't so great this year!!! Maybe next year pops...

Mom made us all elf hats to go and do our SECRET SANTA STUFF.. We had a lot of fun with that this year!!!