Thursday, January 28, 2010

California Love

After our cruise we hung out in California for awhile! We love the feel of California! I think it would be so much fun to live there! Zach has done summer sales in Cali the past 2 years so he knows the area really good! We went and did a lot of shopping which is always fun cause i am a major shop aholic! Then we went down to this abandond old beach town called Crystal Cove... They turned it into a California state park! It is such a sweet little beach they have all of these old abandond homes and a place down on the beach that we ate at! I think it is my new favorite beach! I want to live there real bad!

kissy kissy.....

Say Cheese....

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I want to live here...

Old beach town...

Crystal Cove...

@ the Cali State Park..


Us @ the beach/sand dunes..
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Love him...

Formal Night:)

Ensenada Blow Hole?!

We just got back from our cruise with Zachs work it was so much fun! Zachs summer job took us on a Carnival cruise to Ensenada Mexico. We had so much fun with all these people from his work! There were a ton of married couples which made it fun! Our first day on the cruise ship we just hung out and of course ate way way way too much!!!!! Took in a couple sun rays and watched a couple of the shows! It was such a fun little get away no stress at all!
The next day we were in Ensenada Mexico! This was so much fun a huge gang of us all rented some 4 wheelers and road them all over town! Out to the blow hole down to the sand dunes and on the beach! Then that night of course we had to come and watch the football games to see who was going to the super bowl(which were both real good games)! Then that night we hung out sipped on Pina Coladas and enjoyed the rest of the trip it was a great fast little get away which was much needed!

Ponchos we bought from the amigos...

The Blow Hole! There are only 3 in the whole world...

Zachs work Gang.....

Us on our 4 wheeler...

Formal Night I Love this wall in the background:)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ice Castles ANYONE?

Zach, Brandon, Cole

Tonight we had such a fun night with some of our friends! Amber and Cole just bought a new house in Heber we are so so glad that they live closer to us now. Zach went to High School with Cole and they have been good buddies ever since! Anways tonight we watched American Idol and had a taco night! Then we went over to this awesome awesome awesome ice castle in Midway.... They are kinda just starting it but by March it will be GIGANTIC!!!!!!!!! Then we went back to their house and watched a dvd of some of the worst American Idol try outs so so funny! We Love that show:)

Zach & Britt

Me & Amber!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Zach!!

He Looks a Little on the tired side?
Us at Squatters i hate this picture but its the only one they took?
Cute Lundgreen Boys (minus Cody)
Zach and Braden
Zach's birthday was on January 14th. We didn't do a whole lot cause the poor guy was at school all day! We went and ate at Squatters in Park City with Zach's family! We had fun... Zach came home and opened his presents and then ran off to his basketball game! Then of course after that we had to watch the Jazz and Cavaliers game. Well pretty un eventful! But Happy 25th birthday Zach!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Zach and I have our first calling together! Our calling is............................. Primary! Yahooooo:) We are teaching the 10 yr olds. This will be a fun we are super excited! We had to speak in church too! We were both so so nervous but we both pulled it off! Zach is an amazing speaker! I am so grateful for Zach and his knowledge in the church! I look up to him so much for that!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snowboarding @ Sundance

This Monday me and Zach decided to go snowboarding. We went down to Sundance and had so much fun. I hope we go tons this year so i can get better. Zach is an amazing snowboarder me on the other hand could use a few more practice runs! We always have so much fun going together!

Cabin w/ the Kraupps

After Christmas my family came up and rented a cabin up by our house near Park City... It was so much fun having them close. We had tons of fun together! Monday all of us kids went snowboarding at the Canyons with all of our new snowboard gear The Canyons could for sure use some more snow. Park City is hurting right now we totally need more snow! But it was so much fun to do something all together as a family! I have an awesome family and we always have so much fun together. Tuesday we all went sledding and it basically worked everyone. Everyone got hurt but me and my mom... After that we just hung out chilled went to dinner and the movies. So much fun.... Great memories!

New Years Eve

New Years eve was sooooooooo much fun this year! I cleaned up all of Christmas what a relief... then we went down the Alicia's house they had a party there and we had fun girl talk and played games! It is so fun to get everyone together. We are so lucky to have friends like all of them we need to plan parties much much more:)