Friday, December 3, 2010

Let the Holidays Begin...

Christmas Time is here...

It's finally here CHRISTMAS... I love the Holidays everyone is happier nicer, can't beat it. Zach and I put up our Christmas tree a couple days before Thanksgiving. The new addition to the tree this year is the You better not pout sign. I think its a good addition

This year we added a stocking to our family (sad when ya don't have kids you buy a stocking for your dog). We love good ol' Kix she is a great dog it will be fun to have her around Christmas. She LOVES LOVES winter up here she gets lost in the snow cause she is so white. Zach takes her up to his work when he does snowmobile tours.


This Holiday season we have been able to go to a couple of Jazz games.. At Fanzz if you bought a Jazz jersey they gave you a couple of LOWER BOWL Jazz tickets, just for buying the jersey. This jersey has been wrapped up a couple times but he always says "He NEEDS it"... It's always fun being married to a Jazz fanatic. :)

Mo and her BOYFRIEND Chase came up to our house and we made Gingerbread houses.. Mo and I realized in our childhood we NEVER made Gingerbread houses so this was totally new to us.. We had tons of fun!

This one was mine and Zachs Gingerbread Village..

Zach being a Utes fan had to put a BIG U on the roof cause they won and had to rub it in Chase's face...

The Lundgreen Village (most of the credit has to go to Zach)

Zach is in the ZONE building his house..

Here is Mo & Chase with their Village
Obviously it has a HUGE Y in the town..

December is the greatest time of year.. Always with friends and family..