Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lake Powell 2010

Lake Powell is honestly the best place on EARTH... Seriously ya don't get much better than it! This year we were out there a whole week (I could of stayed another two weeks). We had so much fun.. We always go every year with the Irvines & the Drapers... We always have such a fun time! This year we did a Lot of fun things...

Wake Boarding
Card Games
Wake Skating
Tube Wars
Air Chairs
and of course eating way more than was needed!!! It wouldn't be Powell with out three HUGE FEASTS & then snacking all day!!! It was tons of fun except the fact that Zach couldn't come!! We missed him like crazy!!! Hopefully we get to come down for Labor Day Luckily we get to go up to his cabin this week in Flaming Gorge, for a family reunion and I already know it will be fun... His grandma is quite the little character!! Anyways we are so lucky that we all get to go to Powell, and lucky we are always so safe!!! Fun memories at Powell for 2010...

What's New???

What's New??

I am Back in good ol Utah.... At least for awhile....
Right now I am down in St. George just hanging out for a little bit with the family... It's weird being here for like 2 weeks i see like tons of people from high school and stuff it's weird and kinda fun to catch up with people?

We Found a place to live back up by Park City... I love it up there...
We got lucky and are going back to the same place we lived which will be really nice to be in the same ward... We know lots of people I can't wait to get back... And it's fun to live by Zach's family..

I got my job doing hair back in Park City....
I am super glad about that i miss all of my clients and stuff... We also get a brand new salon in a few weeks that will be nice!! They changed the dress code too so sorry Zach looks like i gotsta go shopping :)

I sold my car...
My life is a little stressful right now... In between moves... no car... I am going to go get one here soon from Zach's uncle so that should be a little less stressful...

I want kids so so bad....
Haha Zach would kill me if he knew i wrote that but seriously I think I am totally ready to have kids!!! I was babysitting my best friend Kacee's baby Maddux (you don't get much cuter than that kid). Anyways i loved every minute of it!!! Also i just went to Lake Powell and my good friend Jade has a super cute baby Parks & I totally loved it... I just gotta get Zach on board! Any suggestions haha?

Zumba is so much fun...
I had never been to Zumba so i went with my two sisters and oh my gosh it was so much fun!!! The chicks that were teaching were so fun they can shake it! I hope i can find a class up in Park City!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Alright people I am going to re decorate my bedroom and i want a cute saying in there i am going to put on a huge board... Does anyone have any cute sayings? Like love sayings or fun ones? And for colors i can't decide anyone seen anything cute?

Also i am needing a new hair make over its driving me NUTS... Bangs or NO bangs???
Long or short??? I need a change and fast Any ideas??

Zach came home after work with these flowers for me! Totally shocked...
Happy Birthday today Sarah... Your a great friend i friggin LOVE you
Zach and Julian playing soccer
Kix @ the Park watching Zach play soccer