Friday, April 30, 2010


Ok it'ts been awhile since i have wrote on here.... Lots has happened lately....


- I just made a two day road trip to
Dallas Texas
(not a fun drive super boring)
-Zach got a ticket coming out here in Cuba New Mexico?(The guy was a total jerk)
-We didn't have furniture for 3 days so we had to sleep on the floor(back hurts a little)
-I got a new job at the office i work at night and schedule appointments..(kinda nice cause i know how everyone is doing)
-I hang out with my doggie all day i teach little
tricks... She is such a funny dog she is so chill no accidents in the house she is such a cuddler, which is good cause my husband is always gone so i need someone to hang out with me during the day
-I have been home everyday to make dinner for
and me... I Love it i feel like a cute little Wifey..
-I have been addicted to
Peanut butter with apples and bananas(proteins good for ya

Plans for the summer:

-Work out almost everyday?
-Lay Out almost everyday
-Read scriptures everyday
- Cook 5-6 times a week(new recipes)

We will start with that see how it all goes....

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nice Sunday Day

Today is Janessa Leigh Kraupp's 13th birthday.. Just wanted to tell her happy birthday and how much i love the little girl.. Even though she isn't little anymore... I still look at her as like my little little sister when she was like 5... I love you Nessa Leigh... and hope you had a great birthday wished i could of been there!!!

After church we went to the park to take a little nap and just be outside to soak up the sun... We wanted to take our little doggie and let her play around... Oh by the way Zach changed her name again... Casey(Zach's bro) and Zach decided to name her Kix? Her name before we got her was Kitty and she just was not digging Paisley when we called her that. So we decided that Kix works. Kix Kixxie? Whatever... How are we ever going to name our kids???

Kind of a bad picture it was SUPER BRIGHT!

Little Kix...

Today is such a nice day! Good day to just kick back and relax... We taught our last primary lesson today... It was sad we love these kids a lot we will miss them. I think i have learned just as much if not more than they have.. This has been a great opportunity and has helped my testimony grow tons. Hopefully we can come back into the ward..

Our Primary Class

We played LOTS...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

STG... Welcome Paisley

Our new addition Paisley...

This is our newest addition to our family... We decided to name her Paisley... She is an amazingly good dog. We picked her up late Sunday night from Zach's friend at work Korrin. For those of you who know me the last dog i tried to have lasted 6 days. 2 reasons that didn't work...
1. She was a little terd and took terds and peed everywhere just wasn't loving that.
2. She was a little puppy and chewed everything in sight! NOT FUN...
So Paisley is such a good dog.. The girl is already potty trained can't beat that.. and she honestly LOVES us... NO exaggeration. The first night we brought her home we were worried she was going to cry all night.. But she seriously was in heaven... she is so cuddly. She slept with me and Zach and she would switch of laying on both of us.. Here are a couple of things she does...
-My most favorite and funniest thing she does is when we are watching TV or a movie she will start barking and growling if she sees an animal on the TV (especially horses?)
- We have already taught her how to shake and high five
-She has the funniest little dance she does if i put my hands above my head she will start dancing.. oh my Zach and I get a kick out of her..
I think she will be great to have this summer because i will hardly even be seeing Zach.. He will start at 9 in the morning and go tell 8 or 9 at night:( I am not excited about that at all... But this will be a great adventure for our family and i am just super super grateful he has a great job like this and we have the opportunity to do this... I don't have anymore pictures of Paisley my life is to crazy busy right now... so soon i will post some... and her funky little dance! She is a nerd... But we love her...
For Easter i went home for the weekend to hang out with the family and some friends before i leave to go to Dallas.... St George was nice...It wasn't the best weather but better than the 2 feet of snow they got up here in Park City.
We did a lot of fun things in St. George....

Me, Ness and My mom made these cute cute bows

Us Sister's went and got our TOES DID...(so ready for summer)

Me and the Freakin cute Maddux

We had a lot of fun babysitting Maddux..(Kacee's Baby) It was Kacee's birthday so i wanted her and her husband to go out but really i just wanted Maddux... He is the chillest kid ever! we had tons of fun babysitting makes me want a kid real real bad!

Then on Tuesday My bestie Kacee and I went to Las Vegas to do a little shopping... We have a lot of fun when we get together i wish we lived closer to each other but its always fun to get together! Its so awesome we are still such good friends with how much our lives have changed and all.... I love ya Kacee Jane!!! That was my good little vacation... Now its time for all the dirty work... 9 DAYS LEFT TELL WE LEAVE FOR TEXAS... so much to do so little time off to pack up my life...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy 23rd Birthday Best Friend

Today is my best friend Kacee Jane Randall Payne's Birthday so i figured i would say 23 reasons why i love the girl so much:
1. She makes REALLY cute babies (Maddux which i LOVE)
2. She would do anything for me
3. She is really good at keeping secrets:)
4. She is super spontaneous (JUST LIKE ME.. ex. Lake Powell at oh 2 in the morning)
5. She is so funny
6. The Girl is ALWAYS happy!
7. When i first moved away she would always come visit me
8. We don't see each other much but when we do everything is just the same just like best friends our senior year.
9. She has such a cute little family..
10. She is kinda twisted (loves medical stuff, blood, guts, etc...)
11. When we are together we always laugh..
12. Pretty Ricky:)
13. Peaches & Cream:)
14. We both had matching Jettas
15. Peachy Peach air fresheners
16. The girls got style
17. We have never ever got into a fight! (which is saying a lot for girls)
18. Hope you know i would do anything for ya KC JANE
19. We are Salt and PEPPER
20. We have so so so many fun memories together..
21. Who does she she think she is SHE SHE?(inside joke)
22. Blue Steel
23. I couldn't have asked for a better friend in the whole wide world... i hope we stay really good friends forever... I love you girl thanks for everything...