Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Here is me at 32 weeks!!! Less than 60 days wahooo can't hardly wait!!!! I have gained 13 pounds and feel so uncomfortable now my ribs are so sore!!! I eat lots and lots of cereal and love milk!! Not a ton of cravings however this week I went grocery shopping and bought A LOT of donuts. I am not so much of a donut fan either but obviously I was a fan because they are all gone! Stressed have a lot to do in 8 weeks.. We put a offer in on a home so we don't know what's going to happen with that!!! We are kind of everywhere!! But the baby is healthy we are all healthy and can't ask for more!!!

Here is me at 30 weeks!

We went sunglass shopping Nessa put these on in the store and kept yelling SHARON!!(imitating Ozzy Osborne) haha

Zachs birthday cake!!!

Zach's birthday dinner we went to Sakura it was so good!

My cute husband up in the snow!

Zachs family went to the Jazz game we all had to show a little Jazz love!!!


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Lundgreen Update

Here I am on Christmas Eve. I have the Santa belly going on 28 weeks!! Less than 3 months to go. My sickness is finally not as bad. I started to feel a lot better at 27 weeks now I am just getting big and uncomfortable! Luckily it hasn't really bothered my sleeping yet or we would be in a world of trouble! I am on to my 2 week check ups now! Last appointment I was shocked I didn't gain any weight during the holidays he is just getting lots bigger and kicking all day!!!! I feel a lot of pain in my ribs and it's not a fun pain!! Thats it for the baby update!

Zach and all his brothers and their ladies had a festive holiday night. We made gingerbread houses and his little brother Braden helped us..

I think ours turned out the best!! We have a little village going on!

Zachs family with their Girlfriends

These are all the goodies I was craving at Kneaders I took the to Zachs family for Christmas! I think I sampled all and the peppermint brownies were my fav!

Zach on Christmas day! We went and visited his Grandparents and had Christmas dinner with them!

Soo.. Christmas Eve was a little weird we lives like 5-10 minutes from my in laws and Zach and all his brothers were having a big ping pong/pool tournament and this started at 11! Me being all tired and pregnant told Zach to stay and have a Christmas sleepover with his brothers. So after I was home Zach sent me this cute text that made my whole Christmas!!!

BAD BAD PICTURE. But this is us at the Jazz & 76ers game! We won...but they were looking pretty sloppy. Hopefully we will be decent this year.

Zach is a big Jazz fan. He is pointing up to Jazz Town

We went with my sister and her husband it was a lot of fun to get together with them over the holidays!

This is New Years church with our little buddy Beau. He has to sit in between us during church we love him he is such a cutie!

We also got a new primary class. We are so sad to see the old class go. Beau was in our class!! Sad day it was 6 of the most craziest boys! I think it was good prep for this little one on the way

The things I will miss about our class is their prayers!!!
They always pray that this baby will come out of my tummy.
We can all get the presents we want for our birthdays and Christmas.
We won't ever drink drugs!!
Sad to see them go!!! Hopefully the new class will be just as fun!!

Hopefully 2012 will be so great lots of new adventures for us this year! Wishing everyone a GREAT new year!!!

The Lundgreens
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