Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This is going to be our newest addition to the family.... Zach still doesn't want to have kids for a little bit so we are getting a little doggy.. a girl at Zach's work has to get rid of her so we are going to take her for when we move to Texas... As some of you know i have already tried the puppy thing(ya it lasted 8 days)... But the best thing about this one is she is already potty trained! Which i couldn't be happier she is pretty cute her name will be IZZY?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

All you Christmas lovers...

Dear Christmas Lovers,

I am sorry to inform all of you out there but CHRISTMAS IS OVER.... No need to keep your Christmas lights and wreaths up... Christmas will still come next year... But in the mean time you can put them down until after Thanksgiving and no later than the start of the New Year at the latest! Its all ready Easter! thank you...


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shredding The NARR...

This Spring Break was a lot of fun... We went down to San Clemente with Brandon & Sarah.. Then later Steven and Andrew (all Zach's friends since Middle school!) This Trip was a lot for the boys us girls just kinda layed on the beach in the high 70 degree weather.. The boys surfed the WHOLE ENTIRE TRIP!!!! as they would say shredding the narr??? EVERYDAY...EVERY MORNING...AND NIGHT... but it was a ton of fun just hanging out and talking with Sarah.. I have a lot of fun with her... They are moving to Texas with us and i think we will have tons of fun together... We also went up to LA and did some shopping ate walked around. Then we went back to Irvine, where Mitt Romney was having his book signing so all the boys wanted to meet him. Then me and Sarah did some mad shopping... So much fun just a fun time to relax and hang out with good friends.. Zach has awesome friends. I hope we stay close with them!

The GanG (ZACH, Steven, Andrew, Brandon)

My Amazingly Cute Husband

Me & the Boys

Zachary Lee

Brandon & Zach

These Boys helped this group of boys in Cali on the beach build their fort... These boys no lie are kids at heart!!! Doubt they ever grow up... not a bad thing!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I went to my little cousin Natalie's cheer competition... they were competing for Nationals... They were so so cute... Cheerleading runs in the family but dang Natalie is so flexible... It was so cute she was doing her little back walkovers and Heel Stretches in her stunt... She is really good especially for only being 5. They are the Idaho Falls ELITE tiny group... And they won it ALL:) It was fun to see them...

Me and Nattie

Natalie and her trophies

National Champions(she is the one on the far right)


Her cute little zebra pink black and white MY FAV!!!


Mo & ME

Getting Ready to go out for a tour

My Family came up to Park City for their Spring Break and we had a lot of fun... WE of course started out the day shopping(its a Kraupp thing, runs in our blood)... Then we went up to Zach's work and he took us on a snowmobile tour... It is gorgeous out there... It was kinda cold that day but we had a ton of fun... Then we came back to my place and played mad gab and wii FOREVER.. i love my family... I swear we laugh more than the average family, and i love them for that! Thanks for coming up Mom!

The Tour guide and ME( our guide was pretty hot)


Thousand Peaks Ranch

Friday, March 12, 2010


MY HUSBAND HAS A MULLET! AND HE LOOKS SO HOTT!!! i am so so sad he cut off this hair but i cut it into a EURO MULLET!! PICTURES WILL BE POSTED ASAP!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Zach was going to work just another day up at snowmobile tours... I get a call while i was in church from Zach's work...(usually i don't have my phone at church just so ya know)... So i get this call i was like this is weird he never calls when he is up at work ESPECIALLY when he knows i am in primary? So i step out of primary and Zach says "Kraupp GUESS WHAT... The cast of One Tree Hill is up here for a snowmobile tour today..The one girl with the raspy voice" haha I started screaming... "Zach Zach do you have your camera... who is there oh my gosh oh my gosh I want to go up there..." (i contemplated just leaving my primary class to go up there)... I was so jealous...
ANYWAYS he said they all had a lot of fun... Zach said they were very nice... Sophia kept asking Zach if he was Canadian because he reminded her of her dad... I think she had the hots for Zach... I asked him to get her autograph or ANY OF THEM... He grabbed her waiver to put in our scrapbook!!! He says that their was a bunch of them there Brooke's boyfriend on the show...(which they are boyfriend and girlfriend in real life) James Lafferty... Hayley James... Kinda fun... I wanted to have a One Tree Hill marathon after he told me but Zach was not wanting to do that ... Zach hates when I watch that show.. He always has fun things like this happen to him NOT FAIR!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Its Long Again...

Short hair, Long hair, Short hair LONG HAIR.... my hair is long again haha!!!!!!!!!! I Love LoVE Love switching up my hair all the time... i never ever change the color just drastic lengths... We will see how long it lasts this time!!!!! That is the beauty of being a hair stylist!!