Tuesday, May 8, 2012

April 2012

I can't believe how much Bronson is already changing!!! It's sad but also exciting he is starting to make funny faces and smiles and grunts. It truly is the best thing to be a mom! It's crazy how much you instantly have love for your child. Here are some of the little guys funny faces he makes.

Swig is my new St. George addiction their mango Mountain Dews and snow cones are amazing. These are my sidekicks I meet after school to swig with.

Brandon and Corby are getting married April 27th. We are excited for them and happy to have another girl I the family. Here is a pic of the boys making their wedding invitations I was pretty impressed with how crafty they were.

This picture is worth a thousand words! Nothing better than seeing your husband be so in love with his little boy!! Zach already is such an amazing dad!!

We had a fun day together as our little family!!!

First lake day of the year. Although it was 90+ degrees out at the lake the water was only at 56 degrees! A little cold but it was a lot of fun!

This little man is loving this nice warm weather.

Ty at his prom with Jordyn Mees she looked way cute and Ty was looking pretty good himself.

For Bronsons 1 month birthday we decided to head down to Las Vegas to celebrate :) Zach was also leaving for the summer so we had to do one last little family trip before he left. We stayed at the Aria hotel which was soo amazing. Gorgeous views and a gorgeous hotel!! It was a fun short get away.

Zach and baby Bron Bron

1 month old today. I can't believe I have only been a mom for 1 month. It feels like its been longer. It's nice to know we made it through the first month and to know that he is all happy and healthy! We have a little more of a routine know which makes it easier on me. I can also tell now what he wants a little more!! All and all he is a pretty easy baby. He cries when he is hungry or gassy and that's about it!! He is sleeping almost up to 7 hours a night which is pretty awesome. He must know how much his mom loves her sleep!! He loves to be swaddled with his right arm out. He hates when you tuck both his arms in. He also doesn't love being cold so he is always wrapped in a blanket.

We had all our family come from up in Idaho for Brandon's wedding and also the baby blessing. It was so much fun to have tons of family down for these fun events. These are some of the cousins that were in love with Kix. They are soo cute Jamie!!

Brandon and Corby's wedding was gorgeous she had it in her backyard. The plan was to get married in the temple but my brother sealing cancelation didn't come through and they were leaving to go to Texas to work with Zach for the summer. The wedding was pretty and fun to have all the family there.

After Brandon and Corby got married they went on their honeymoon to Costa Rica. This dog with Zach is Corby's and some how she had to make it out to Texas. Zach offered to take this little Girly Girl dog. Haha this picture is sooo blackmail babe!

Zach's day 1 drive all alone I felt bad for him!! At least he made it out safely!

We miss Zach so much and are so grateful for how hard he is working for us! I am so grateful I have the opportunity to stay home with Brons and be his full time mommy! It is such a blessing! Thanks Zach for all you do!

Here is the little man just enjoying his day. He gets cuter everyday!

He loves being outside we go and sit outside in my parents beautiful yard a couple hours everyday!

Tummy time

Casey (Zach's brother) came to visit us in St. George! This picture is sooo cute of Bronson with uncle Casey!!

Bath time!! He loves his baths

Nothing better then being a mom to this little guy and cuddling up to him everyday!!

A not so happy picture haha

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Park City,UT

Monday March 26,2012

I was scheduled to be induced on Monday @ 7:00am. My due date was Friday the 23rd but as we all know that didn't happen. I did everything in my power to have him that day. Started out the morning with a swig of castor oil (never again). All it did was make me run straight to the bathroom. We went down to the new City Creek mall which was amazing. It's a good thing I wasn't in my normal shopping mood I could have done some serious damage. Anyways from walking the mall my contractions were every 3-5 minutes lasting over a minute, basically all the criteria to go in to the doctor. The only problem is it was nothing like you hear of people saying or like in the movies where you drop to your knees or can't breathe. Regardless we went in to the doctors they were checking to see how far the contractions were apart and they were right where they were suppose to be. My nurse said well I don't know how to tell ya this ya just need to be in more pain? How do I make myself feel more pain? Ok so they monitored me for the next hour to see if I had progressed at all NOTHING!!! I went and ran the stairs at the hospital, some serious curb walking, squats and anything you could think of!!! They sent us home and the next morning I woke up so so sore (like cheer try out sore) I could barely walk my legs were so so swollen cause I worked so hard. That made for a hard day I just decided bag it either way he will be here on Monday. Saturday and Sunday we just kind of relaxed walked up and down main street. We went to the family center on main street in PC and looked up our relatives for names. Sunday night was a rough night headache all night didn't sleep well. Regardless I was induced that morning. I was the only one in labor and delivery that day. Amazing staff that waits on you. The doctor came and popped my water (such a yucky feeling having your water break). I instantly started having contractions. They didn't feel good but I didn't think they heard as bad as most people say. They baby was way in my back so the most pain I had was all the pressure on my but and back. Epidurals don't do anything for that so that was the worst part I felt like I was going to crap my pants for 11 hours ha.. I had my epidural at 11:00 am and was dialated at a 3. 12:00 I went up to a 5, and by 1:00 I was up to a 7-8 I progressed pretty fast. By 2:30 I was at a 10 I wish that was the end! Zach seemed pretty relaxed in all this he was snoozing I had to call him even though he was right next to me and let him know it was game time!!

I started pushing at 3:45. Doctor came in at 4:15. I pushed until 5:45 I was having a contraction every minute so I would push 6 times every minute! I was so so swollen my eyes, my legs, my everything! They kept saying he was right there and ready to come out. They started saying that at 4:00. And little did they know I still had 1hr 45min left!! His head got stuck on my pelvis bone. They kept using a suction cup and it kept popping off!! The last 15 minutes were So So hard. I couldn't push the button for my epidural at the end so I was feeling it pretty good! I was worried I was going to have to had a c section at the end which would have been so devastating because I had been on labor for soo long. But he came out happy and healthy. He had a pretty big cone head from being sucked out for so long. He also had a hard time breathing they say due to the elevation it's a little harder for babies to breathe at first. When the baby came out my doctor said "oh my gosh, he is soo big." I had been talking to her at all my appointments cause I was measuring small and she is like he will at least be high 6 pounder i think. So she thought he would be a lot smaller. Zach would get mad when people told me I was small cause he thought his baby would be to little. Well jokes on you Zach he was a healthy 8lb and 6oz!!!! Pretty big for a first baby!!!

Zach is such a great dad he is so cute with him. He never ever cries but this cute little guy gets to his daddies heart. I am so glad Bronson will have a amazing dad like Zach to teach him all the ins and outs of being a guy.

These are the cute supportive Grandmas. We are so thankful to have them. They have already helped us so much with moving and getting situated with a new baby.

Here is the little chunker that caused me all the fun morning sickness heartburn and flat out pain. But like every mother says its all worth it!!

Such a priceless moment I hope I never forget. I am so blessed to have such a healthy happy baby.

Mom with the new mom!

Such awesome grandparents already.

Sarah one of my good friends came to visit (I look so swollen)

Zachs cute grandparents came to visit.

The best guy in the world holding the cutest baby.

These were all the names we had it was so hard to choose one. The verdict is Bronson Zach Lundgreen. We are so happy to have him with us and feel so lucky that everything went so smooth.

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