Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lake Lewisville

B & Kix

Her Hair is getting so long i want her to look like a fluffy Polar bear...

She looks like a friggin rat when she is wet

Lake Lewie...

Oh my Zachs tanline is REAL bad...

Z & Kix chillin @ the Lake

We took Kix down to lake Lewisville it was so much fun to see the little doggie swimming! It was her first time swimming she was LOVING it...

This weekend wasa lot of fun we went to dinner @ Pappasitos with Zachs office cause they reached their Goal....

Zach is in the top 20 in his company which is over 200+ guys he is doing great so so proud of him...

We went and saw Toy Story 3 this weekend in 3d... It was so adorable a tear jerker actually... So cute it is a must see...

Well That was our weekend :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Daddy how you get so fly???

Yo Daddy how you get so fly???
Happy Fathers Day just want you to know you are the best dad in the world!! Anyone who raised me and some what succeeded would be the best dad in the world... haha but you made it dad!! Just want to say thanks for all you ever taught me! You are a great example of how a father should be! I love you more than anything..... Hey Ty from the looks of these pictures i think we are the favorite kids... hahah NOT!!! Some day we will be the favorite TY....
Pictures of my silly dad! He is so funny.... Love you Pops Happy Fathers Day....
You Da BEST...
And Happy Birthday Tyler Today your 15.... Crazy how fast you are growing up! I love you hope you had a great birthday!


Friday, June 18, 2010

5 year reunion WHAT???

Oh MY GOSH... My 5 year reunion is here! Unfortunately I wont be able to make it because I am in Texas... I thought i would post some pictures of the good times... I miss all my girls! So many fun fun memories.... A few good ones to remember...
HS memories in the RED JETTA!!!!
Always having a good time.... Our Crazy random trips to Powell
We ALWAYS just chilled in the hall.... Me and Con Bon always in the Hall
Our Senior trip (with Kelsey) haha
Junior Prom Royalty..... Junior prom our senior year super fun girls
Chelci & Me.... Whit, Jess & Me in Vegas my mom took us after we made cheer :)
Us Thugs playing B-Ball @ Darrens.... Sierra & Me Homecoming week so much fun!
Me & Whit ALWAYS at the pool after cheer (miss ya Whit)... My Senior Cheer Pic
Me & Kacee Jane..... Cheer our JV year such fun times
Us Cheer Girls... Me & Whit at Cheer Camp
Grad Night SUPER SUPER FUN... Preference dance i think??
Sadies BEEEEEEEJ (with all our engagement pics haha remember)...Oh my this picture is one of my favorite memories Me Jess and Chelci took my doomb buggy and freakin rallied it in the FIELDS.. my dad was like DO NOT get it muddy i just washed it we were like ya ya we wont... Then we accidently hit a puddle and we were like oh what the heck we were covered and drenched head to toe with mudd... Fun times girls
Cheer Junior Year.... Senior Ball @ Dixie man the girls were mean to us!!!! They were not happy we were there haha... Miss ya Jess super fun times
Thriller for Cheer such a fun pep assembly.... Me & Whit Sophmore Yr..

Nessa & Mo @the Cheer Clinic now Mo has graduated and already cheered WOW I AM OLD!!!

Such good times i miss it all but i am would not wanna go back... haha Such fun times! Wish i could be there see ya at the 10 yr reunion... Maybe with kids :)


Monday, June 14, 2010


I sooooo love Sundays out here... Its the ONLY day i get Zach all day!!!! We had a great relaxing Sunday... I took him to the temple here in Dallas because he couldn't go with me when I went last time... He loved the Dallas Temple... It is a very different temple its super pretty (even prettier inside).. Anyways the gates were LOCKED so we had to just chill on the outside of it and took some pictures such a good day just my man and me...