Friday, December 25, 2009

Bye Bye Hair



Alright Cody if you look at this Braden did this for you...Braden has been growing out his hair FOREVER! Cody and Casey (Zach's Brother) wanted him to grow it out so he wouldn't cut it! Finally he ended up getting it cut! Casey brings Braden into my work, we get him up in the chair all ready to go, and Braden goes alright just give me a sizzler cut! hahaha Everyone in the salon is like what the heck is a sizzler cut! So for everyone who doesn't know what a sizzler cut is it is a ceasor cut which is just like a missionary cut. We All love when Braden mixes up his words! We never correct him we want him to stay young forever! Love you Braden:)

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