Thursday, December 10, 2009

KeeK PhOToGrApHy

My best friend took some pictures for us for our Christmas card. She is amazing at pictures i love all her pictures she took... It was hard to choose! Check her blog out Thanks love you Kacee Jane:)


  1. Beej, I can't even explain how much i LOVE your hair short like that!! other then..gorgeous! haha! and I LOVE all these pictures kacee did such a good most favorite is the 2nd to the guys are hotties:) i sure miss you beej!! love you!!

  2. so so cute! I love them. You too are a gorgeous couple!

  3. way cute pictures!! I love your hair short!! my blog. is private but let me know your email address and Ill invite you!.. ps.. blogs are addicting!

  4. way cute pics! So good to see you guys again! Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!


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