Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ice Castles ANYONE?

Zach, Brandon, Cole

Tonight we had such a fun night with some of our friends! Amber and Cole just bought a new house in Heber we are so so glad that they live closer to us now. Zach went to High School with Cole and they have been good buddies ever since! Anways tonight we watched American Idol and had a taco night! Then we went over to this awesome awesome awesome ice castle in Midway.... They are kinda just starting it but by March it will be GIGANTIC!!!!!!!!! Then we went back to their house and watched a dvd of some of the worst American Idol try outs so so funny! We Love that show:)

Zach & Britt

Me & Amber!



  1. Pretty castles! Wow! Yeah, Tyson just turned 24, so your hubby is 1 year older than mine. :)

  2. haha how about the guy that sang "America the Beautiful" when they asked if he was one of the best replied...COULD BE! me and jer were dying laughing!! and I had to hear Jeremie sing that the rest of the night...Oh good ol' american idol! love you beej weej!

  3. Those are cool and you look cute as ever!! Glad that even though you got married your not wearing mom jeans and looking haggard : ) ha ha Glad you guys are having fun!!! : ) Play in the snow for us!!!