Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shredding The NARR...

This Spring Break was a lot of fun... We went down to San Clemente with Brandon & Sarah.. Then later Steven and Andrew (all Zach's friends since Middle school!) This Trip was a lot for the boys us girls just kinda layed on the beach in the high 70 degree weather.. The boys surfed the WHOLE ENTIRE TRIP!!!! as they would say shredding the narr??? EVERYDAY...EVERY MORNING...AND NIGHT... but it was a ton of fun just hanging out and talking with Sarah.. I have a lot of fun with her... They are moving to Texas with us and i think we will have tons of fun together... We also went up to LA and did some shopping ate walked around. Then we went back to Irvine, where Mitt Romney was having his book signing so all the boys wanted to meet him. Then me and Sarah did some mad shopping... So much fun just a fun time to relax and hang out with good friends.. Zach has awesome friends. I hope we stay close with them!

The GanG (ZACH, Steven, Andrew, Brandon)

My Amazingly Cute Husband

Me & the Boys

Zachary Lee

Brandon & Zach

These Boys helped this group of boys in Cali on the beach build their fort... These boys no lie are kids at heart!!! Doubt they ever grow up... not a bad thing!

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  1. hahah how funny!thats not a bad thing. He'll be a good dad :) this trip seems so fun! miss u! love ya beej