Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy 23rd Birthday Best Friend

Today is my best friend Kacee Jane Randall Payne's Birthday so i figured i would say 23 reasons why i love the girl so much:
1. She makes REALLY cute babies (Maddux which i LOVE)
2. She would do anything for me
3. She is really good at keeping secrets:)
4. She is super spontaneous (JUST LIKE ME.. ex. Lake Powell at oh 2 in the morning)
5. She is so funny
6. The Girl is ALWAYS happy!
7. When i first moved away she would always come visit me
8. We don't see each other much but when we do everything is just the same just like best friends our senior year.
9. She has such a cute little family..
10. She is kinda twisted (loves medical stuff, blood, guts, etc...)
11. When we are together we always laugh..
12. Pretty Ricky:)
13. Peaches & Cream:)
14. We both had matching Jettas
15. Peachy Peach air fresheners
16. The girls got style
17. We have never ever got into a fight! (which is saying a lot for girls)
18. Hope you know i would do anything for ya KC JANE
19. We are Salt and PEPPER
20. We have so so so many fun memories together..
21. Who does she she think she is SHE SHE?(inside joke)
22. Blue Steel
23. I couldn't have asked for a better friend in the whole wide world... i hope we stay really good friends forever... I love you girl thanks for everything...



  1. Oh my heck I love you so much!!!!!!!!!! I got to laughing pretty hard!! Who does she think she she is...she she hahahaha!!!!! I love all of our memories!!!!!! You are the bestest friend a girl could have!!!! Thanks so much!!!!

  2. Hey Brit, I just came across your blog! Way cute!