Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Summer Fun

My family went to Lake Powell for Labor Day we go there so much we hardly take pictures anymore... This was the extent of our pictures.... On my I phone we got the app Fat Booth freakin hilarious!! We got a kick out of it... My dads is my favorite... Love my family...

Mo's birthday was on August 30th... And she just moved up to Provo it was her first birthday away!!! So we decided to go to the John Mayer concert...Honestly it had to of been the best birthday ever, because it was hands down the best concert i have ever been to.. HE IS AMAZING...We had so much fun together I am so glad she lives up here now... I really hope she will like it... She has MAYBE been up here two weeks and we have hung out tons... I love Mo........ HAPPY BIRTHDAY MO!!!

Fun times at the Lake are coming to an end... So sad to see the summer go. These are some pictures of Zach and Casey @Flaming Gorge....


  1. Oww..what the freak? are they hooking crabs to there nipps? haha!

    Seriously laughing SO hard at the fat booth pictures. There all hilarious. Your dads totally cracks me up too. He's so funny!!

    Mo is GORGEOUS. I haven't seen her for a long time. HOW FUN THAT SHE LIVES UP THERE so you guys can hangout all the time:)

  2. I am laughing so hard at those fat pictures!! I haven't stopped since I saw them! I love it!
    Thanks for sharing!