Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Fun

Wow its been like a month since i posted anything on here.. Not a whole lot new just a couple things..

-I started coaching cheer at the High School up here... Zach told me i should get a hobby so it has been fun doing that.. Right now we are doing Thriller night which is fun because we did that in my High School... So my job coaching their i get to do all the choreography and sideline stuff.. Their is room for tons of improvement so ya gotta start somewhere right. But they are doing good and it is tons of fun.

-This weekend we went down to St. George for a good family friends wedding it was a lot of fun to go home and hang out with all of the family.. I gotta see my bestest friend Kacee and her cute baby which was fun.. Zach hung out with some of my guy friends from High School which is kinda funny we go down to STG and he is hanging out with my old High School buddies.. It's kind of fun he is friends with them! All the family was home and my brother and his girlfriend it is always so fun to get our big family together! Kacee Payne took our family pictures and they sure turned out cute here are a few of them! It's funny to me that honestly Zach just looks like my family.. Anyways she is an awesome photographer thanks Kacee! We LOVE THEM!!!

We had a fun weekend Mo and Brandon (Zach's friend) came up for conference weekend and we had dinner and went up to Provo Falls.. It is so pretty right now with all the leaves changing..

Zach went with his good buddy Cole to Denver to go to the Colts and Broncos game... Glad my team the Colts one (because Zach was cheering for the Broncos). The boys had a fun weekend get away in Denver..


  1. How fun coaching cheer! I did it up there too one summer and loved it. Those girls definitely need all the help they can get! Good luck!

  2. freakin cute pictures...he totally does just look like another kid in your family hahah! how funny!!

  3. I love you!!! I'm glad you liked the pictures!! That's awesome you're coaching cheer!! We for sure will plan a trip up there this winter!!