Sunday, February 20, 2011


Here we go again starting our summer plans! It seems like we just got home!

We are headed out to TEXAS again but this time we will be in


The plan was Austin at first.. Which i was so excited!! But for work Houston will be best..

It's all good though MO and her soon to be husband are coming out..

And Sarah and Brandon some of our best friends are going out with us as well! No matter what with those two girls it will be a KILLER fun.. Us 3 all have so much fun together!

WE leave in April after Zach is done with school and Mo's wedding on April 30th..


Zach is doing well with all of his surgery he is still in a ton of pain and doing INSANE amounts of Physical Therapy.. He gets more movement in it day by day! Zach will graduate this semester from UVU with his bachelors in Business Management and a emphasis in International Business.. I am so proud of the kid he is such a hard worker!


Our plans don't change a lot.. This year we want to TRAVEL lots.. Zach wants to head back to Rio where he went on his mission.. He says its gorgeous so we want to do that probably after the summer..
Zach is trying to figure out what he wants to do now that he is done with school.. The kid has thousands of different ideas..

He has thought about

Getting his MBA?
Physicians Assistant?
Law School?

ALL very very different it will be interesting to see its been 2 years of undecided so its kinda coming down to the wire.

We really want to get a house this year.. The question is where?
Park City?
DOWN in the Valley?

WHO KNOWS!!! Maybe we will find out more when we know what Zach is doing with school

The other plan this year is THINKING ABOUT KIDS

OH MAN MAKES ME KINDA NERVOUS! Everything going on with your body.. Having that super super huge responsibility I feel a little bit under qualified? Anything to make all that a little easier?


  1. exciting plans going on!
    If you're nervous and not sure, no better thing to do than pray about it and see if it's right timing to begin having a family.

  2. Fun to read the update! I know what ya mean about the whole kids thing!

  3. Best decision you'll ever make in Ur life:)!!! I just try to be the best person I can be everyday for her...every kid is different, so u can get advice, but NO ONE will know whats best for your own child except you:)

    as for the body, dont worry about that mine didn't change til the end and it goes right back for the most part...except for my poor deflated bite size boobies now that im done breast feeding hahaha nothing a little boob job wont help;) haha no but seriously its cool that ur body just sort of knows what to do...

    Fun plans for you guys sounds like u'll be busy. miss ya.

  4. Do you want to borrow my kids to see if you are ready?

  5. I don't usually comment on your blog and maybe I should, but I loved these posts and mostly Beej's comment! HAHAHA...Britt, I'm so happy you guys are doing so well and makin' the big time decisions! I love reading about your life so keep us all posted! PS...Lindsey Porter is serving her mission in Houston and she LOVES the area so hopefully you will too! Love ya, Britt!

  6. I love Houston, other than the humidity and bugs! But seriously a great place to be so much so that is where Savannah and Nicholas were born. Do you know where in Houston you will be? Best of luck to you and when the time is right you will have BEAUTIFUL babies!!!!!

  7. Chad and I are trying to make some of the same decisions with school..kinda stressful! If you click on the link on my blog it will take you to another blog with everything that I sale. Watches, belts, headbands, etc. Its

  8. you will be a good mom! You will have fun this summer you will be right by the beach!

  9. kids are amazing and a huge blessing in life.. just be ready.. life is never the same.. for the better of course!