Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Here is me at 32 weeks!!! Less than 60 days wahooo can't hardly wait!!!! I have gained 13 pounds and feel so uncomfortable now my ribs are so sore!!! I eat lots and lots of cereal and love milk!! Not a ton of cravings however this week I went grocery shopping and bought A LOT of donuts. I am not so much of a donut fan either but obviously I was a fan because they are all gone! Stressed have a lot to do in 8 weeks.. We put a offer in on a home so we don't know what's going to happen with that!!! We are kind of everywhere!! But the baby is healthy we are all healthy and can't ask for more!!!

Here is me at 30 weeks!

We went sunglass shopping Nessa put these on in the store and kept yelling SHARON!!(imitating Ozzy Osborne) haha

Zachs birthday cake!!!

Zach's birthday dinner we went to Sakura it was so good!

My cute husband up in the snow!

Zachs family went to the Jazz game we all had to show a little Jazz love!!!



  1. you are sooo cute and tiny!! only 13 lbs?? go you!! lol i was a whale and had already gained like 25lbs by 32 weeks haha.

  2. I just need to tell you that I'm loving your pregnant belly! I hope when i'm pregnant I look as cute as you. I miss you and I hope everything goes great with you and your little guy!

    1. i miss you cute girl! HOW ARE YOU!!!! whats the update! Text me i need to catch up on your life!