Wednesday, June 13, 2012

May & June

Well it has been awhile and lots has changed. We moved out to Austin Texas June 1st. We love being with Zach again. Bronson is changing so much everyday. I love watching him grow up. He gets cuter everyday.

A little tummy time May 1st

I had such a wonderful 1st mothers day. Not going to lie it was a little emotional for me. I am going to blame it on my hormones from just having a baby. But this whole experience has made me appreciate my mom so much. Now I really know how much a mother can love her child. I love you mom

Cherishing these moments!! I know they wont last long.

So grateful to be a mother.

Uncle Ty with baby Brono. He looks so grown up here.

His 2 month check up. He is a little above average on everything in the 52 percentile for weight height and his noggin.

Love my little boy.

Kraupp or Lundgreen?

Funny story this is My little brother Ty in this picture. I just wanted to see how much Zach thought they looked a like so I sent just the top picture of Ty to him and wrote, "look how cute!" He then replies Bronson is soo cute. I called him and said "babe, that's Tyler." He couldn't believe how much they looked alike!!

Such a cute picture of Aunt Ness with him.

8 weeks today! Man time is flying!

Dads favorite picture obviously.

2 months old today

Aunt Mo we will miss lots when we are in Texas.

Ness taking a nap with him after doing CrossFit. She was beat.

We are Texans. This baby has already lived 3 different places in 2 months. The life of a Lundgreen I guess we are Gypsies.

They are finally together. Love this pic of my 2 boys.

Some of our best friends Sarah & Brandon had Cash (on the left) 8 weeks earlier. Zach and Brandon have been best friends since elementary school. Hopefully our little guys will be just as close. Looks like we are off to a good start.

Big guy in his bumbo.

His classic face in every picture. As Janessa calls it it's the smolder.

Active little guy.

He smiles so so much. I love that little face.

All ready for church.

Dad sleeping on the job. He got pooed on seriously 5 seconds after this picture. We had to take Dads suit to the dry cleaners. Serves him right for sleeping on the job!!

A day @ the pool

Happy happy baby every morning is like a photo shoot. I can never have enough pics of him.

Baby twinners!! These two are too cute!!

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  1. Oh he is soooooo cute! & You always have him in thee cutest clothes! Such a good momma!

  2. He is so cute, and you look fabulous too!

  3. He is so cute!! I can't believe how much he looks like your brother!!