Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And the winner is.... TEXAS.... we think

Dallas Texas....

The Skyline...

SO.... turns out this summer we are 99% sure we are moving to Dallas Texas (however last week we were 90% sure we were moving to Kansas City, Kansas). I am glad i will take Dallas over Kansas anyday... I think that we will have a lot of fun in Texas. We leave right when Zach finishes this semester of school... And then we come back to Park City right before the Fall semester... This year Zach is going to sale with Ecosure pest control...This will be his 3rd year for summer sales i think he will do really well. Him and his buddy Brandon are managing together.. It will be a lot of fun Brandon has a really fun wife so we will just get to hang out lots together... We are excited to go for the summer and experience the whole thing and see what Texas has to offer.. I hear they have great food and great entertainment that's all i need! Hopefully all goes well...


  1. Hi Brittney! What a cute blog, you two I have to say are the cutest couple! Texas sounds so fun! I have never been there, Andy has and says it is really great! What an adventure, you guys will be so glad you got to do these things!!

  2. I am jealous! That sounds so fun. I would love to just have a new experience with my husband!

  3. dang it!! kansas city is an hour away from us while were in missouri:( however i did love texas much more the missouri i cant wait to move home!!

  4. my sister used to live in texas and LOVED it! i'm excited for you guys!
    and...i love that zack picked up some wendy's chili for valentines day!! that's so funny.