Sunday, February 28, 2010

That Is Going Up On The Fridge!

I have NO idea how my husband does it... This SEMESTER Zach has been the biggest Procrastinator ... This whole semester i was wondering why he hadn't been doing much HOMEWoRK? He kind of never really got into the groove of being back in school... They found his Degree which is.... He will have his bachelors in Business management... and then he is doing it with a emphases in something to do with Portuguese? He went on his mission to Rio in Brazil so he loves anything to do with Portuguese! ANYWAYS long story short they were switching around all of his classes a little over a week into the semester... Which apparently will put you way behind... Zach had to do a presentation in one of his classes on Avalanches (deaths, all the crazy stuff.. made me feel real good about my husbands job) Anyways the poor kid was doing his power point until 2 in the morning then had to get up early and finish it... I get more nervous then him because he NEVER EVER is prepared for what his assignment.. But oh no worries he just wings it and gets a 95%.... His buddy in the class was so mad at him cause he had been working on his Power Point for over two weeks and scored less than him. But like i said "That is Going Up On The Fridge!" I am so proud of him and what a hard worker he is... He has so much going on never ever any down time... I love you babe thanks for working hard for us!!!

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  1. Brittney cool blog! You need to hurry up with the kids!! They make for some awesome tax returns each year!! :)