Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nice Sunday Day

Today is Janessa Leigh Kraupp's 13th birthday.. Just wanted to tell her happy birthday and how much i love the little girl.. Even though she isn't little anymore... I still look at her as like my little little sister when she was like 5... I love you Nessa Leigh... and hope you had a great birthday wished i could of been there!!!

After church we went to the park to take a little nap and just be outside to soak up the sun... We wanted to take our little doggie and let her play around... Oh by the way Zach changed her name again... Casey(Zach's bro) and Zach decided to name her Kix? Her name before we got her was Kitty and she just was not digging Paisley when we called her that. So we decided that Kix works. Kix Kixxie? Whatever... How are we ever going to name our kids???

Kind of a bad picture it was SUPER BRIGHT!

Little Kix...

Today is such a nice day! Good day to just kick back and relax... We taught our last primary lesson today... It was sad we love these kids a lot we will miss them. I think i have learned just as much if not more than they have.. This has been a great opportunity and has helped my testimony grow tons. Hopefully we can come back into the ward..

Our Primary Class

We played LOTS...


  1. Brit such cute pics. I love that name Kix such a chill name for a cute little pup! I can't believe you are moving to Texas! Why are you moving there?! That's so fun!

  2. Very cute bolg, Brit! your puppy is adorable! Good luck in Texas!