Friday, April 30, 2010


Ok it'ts been awhile since i have wrote on here.... Lots has happened lately....


- I just made a two day road trip to
Dallas Texas
(not a fun drive super boring)
-Zach got a ticket coming out here in Cuba New Mexico?(The guy was a total jerk)
-We didn't have furniture for 3 days so we had to sleep on the floor(back hurts a little)
-I got a new job at the office i work at night and schedule appointments..(kinda nice cause i know how everyone is doing)
-I hang out with my doggie all day i teach little
tricks... She is such a funny dog she is so chill no accidents in the house she is such a cuddler, which is good cause my husband is always gone so i need someone to hang out with me during the day
-I have been home everyday to make dinner for
and me... I Love it i feel like a cute little Wifey..
-I have been addicted to
Peanut butter with apples and bananas(proteins good for ya

Plans for the summer:

-Work out almost everyday?
-Lay Out almost everyday
-Read scriptures everyday
- Cook 5-6 times a week(new recipes)

We will start with that see how it all goes....


  1. Brittney, you two are so cute! I hope you will fit right in there in Texas. I love your background! This is Karen Rogers btw!

  2. Ha ha you are so funny! Props to you! I keep pushing back the date of when I'm going to be a good wifey! Send any good recipes my way! Hope things are going good!!!

  3. You ARE a cute little wifey for making dinner. It's so fun to be married, huh? I love it.

  4. Hey BK! how are you!? Do you like Texas!?