Sunday, May 23, 2010

Z is on Fire...

Zach got his Red Hot Chili Peppers!!!!!!!!!!! Zach and one of his best friends Brandon Andra are out here managing out here in Dallas. So Brandon decides to give them beads every time they get 25 sales and 50 ya earn the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS!!!! Zach is now past 50 sales but he is doing so good i am so so proud of him he is such a hardworker for our little family! I love and appreciate him! I am really enjoying living out here besides my ALLERGIES!!! Oh man i never ever get allergies but here! I can't even handle it so if any has any healing ideas let me know! Well we are just having a lot of fun me and Kix go to the pool everyday lay out go on a walk.. go to the bark park... make dinner... wait for dad to come home! haha Makes me feel like i have a kid (I think thats why Zach got Kix,, So i would hold of on kids) Anyways i will take more pictures next week.... Ta Ta
Z & Kix

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