Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Heart of Texas...

Well its official we are now in Texas... We love it! Its fun to change your life just for a couple months and shake things up a little bit... So my sister Mo came out this weekend we had so much fun together... Which we both needed it! Real Bad! Texas has hands down some of the BEST shopping! Oh my gosh we could of shopped for days and days! I always have so much fun with Mo she is my best friend! Mo I LOVE YOU! Thanks for your great example to me! You are great thanks for coming and visiting!!

Our Week Consisted of:

-Laying out by the pool
-Super Mario Bros. (Probably a little to much)
-Hot Tubing
-Mad Gab/Ice cream night
-Police( Ya no worries 3 in the morning the cops busted into my house LEWISVILLE POLICE??? I guess their were some robbers in our area and our door was barely open. Such a random night!!)
-A rodeo
-Eating out
-Girls night a little Pizza and Movie
Anyways we had so much fun this week... We went to this rodeo in downtown Fortworth @ the Stockyard! We went with a bunch of the guys out here in the office... it was the cutest little town! Its exactly what i pictured Texas to be like with Tattoo parlors, saloons, bars, dance clubs, old school boot shops, and of course the rodeo!

Sarah & Me

Britt & Z Brandon & Sarah

Us girls hung out every second this week! LOVE YOU GIRLS!

Me & Z

Mo & Me

Us Girls @ the Rodeo....

The EcoFIRST guys...

EcoFIRST boys @ the rodeo! Its these Cali boys FIRST rodeo EVER!!!!


  1. dude told u you'd love Tex!!! i loved it!!

  2. Looks like a fun week. Glad Mo was able to visit. You are such a good friend/sister to her. I know she looks up to you a ton! Texas looks like a blast!