Friday, June 18, 2010

5 year reunion WHAT???

Oh MY GOSH... My 5 year reunion is here! Unfortunately I wont be able to make it because I am in Texas... I thought i would post some pictures of the good times... I miss all my girls! So many fun fun memories.... A few good ones to remember...
HS memories in the RED JETTA!!!!
Always having a good time.... Our Crazy random trips to Powell
We ALWAYS just chilled in the hall.... Me and Con Bon always in the Hall
Our Senior trip (with Kelsey) haha
Junior Prom Royalty..... Junior prom our senior year super fun girls
Chelci & Me.... Whit, Jess & Me in Vegas my mom took us after we made cheer :)
Us Thugs playing B-Ball @ Darrens.... Sierra & Me Homecoming week so much fun!
Me & Whit ALWAYS at the pool after cheer (miss ya Whit)... My Senior Cheer Pic
Me & Kacee Jane..... Cheer our JV year such fun times
Us Cheer Girls... Me & Whit at Cheer Camp
Grad Night SUPER SUPER FUN... Preference dance i think??
Sadies BEEEEEEEJ (with all our engagement pics haha remember)...Oh my this picture is one of my favorite memories Me Jess and Chelci took my doomb buggy and freakin rallied it in the FIELDS.. my dad was like DO NOT get it muddy i just washed it we were like ya ya we wont... Then we accidently hit a puddle and we were like oh what the heck we were covered and drenched head to toe with mudd... Fun times girls
Cheer Junior Year.... Senior Ball @ Dixie man the girls were mean to us!!!! They were not happy we were there haha... Miss ya Jess super fun times
Thriller for Cheer such a fun pep assembly.... Me & Whit Sophmore Yr..

Nessa & Mo @the Cheer Clinic now Mo has graduated and already cheered WOW I AM OLD!!!

Such good times i miss it all but i am would not wanna go back... haha Such fun times! Wish i could be there see ya at the 10 yr reunion... Maybe with kids :)



  1. Oh I miss all the fun we had and our random trips to powell!!!!! i miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. HAHAH ALL OUR ENGAGEMENT PICTURES!! I still have all of them. That was so funny.. You and jess at dixies that the dress you were trying on for me in the ktichen and ooopsies...out pop your boobs? HAHAHA oh man, we have the funnest memories I miss you so much! and I LOVE YOU BEEEEEEEEEEEEEJ.

    ps love how EVERYONE else started calling us beej too hahah.

  3. I was so sad we missed our 5 year reunion too!! I think the 10 yr will be even better though. It's so funny how pissed the girls would get at other schools if you went to "their" dances. lol..girls are SO jealous!!! Gotta love those H.S. days!

  4. hahahah I love these! I love seeing little britt! I miss you! You are so tan, and I am jealous! love ya girl!

  5. oh and I CANT BELIEVE HOW OLD WE ARE! seriously. in high school you think.. I cant beleive they are at there 5 year thats old! hahah oh wow! life is crazy how fast time fly's!