Monday, June 21, 2010

Daddy how you get so fly???

Yo Daddy how you get so fly???
Happy Fathers Day just want you to know you are the best dad in the world!! Anyone who raised me and some what succeeded would be the best dad in the world... haha but you made it dad!! Just want to say thanks for all you ever taught me! You are a great example of how a father should be! I love you more than anything..... Hey Ty from the looks of these pictures i think we are the favorite kids... hahah NOT!!! Some day we will be the favorite TY....
Pictures of my silly dad! He is so funny.... Love you Pops Happy Fathers Day....
You Da BEST...
And Happy Birthday Tyler Today your 15.... Crazy how fast you are growing up! I love you hope you had a great birthday!


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  1. Good OL' MikE!!! I sure do love him beej.. you can tell him that. love you guys! miss you and your family!!