Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

So this weekend we had a LOT of fun! Even though we all worked all weekend long...

Sarah and I laid out all weekend which is always a lot of fun... We have this pool all to ourselves usually all day everyday so we can't complain...
Saturday we went to dinner at BJ's the best pizza place you will ever eat at and then Zach and Me and Sarah and Brandon all went and saw Wicked! So lame we didn't take any pictures there... The traffic was so horrible and we were so afraid we were going to miss it! Luckily we got there with 2 MINUTES left super SKETCH! But that is totally how these boys work! The show Wicked was amazing! Such a cute story the main chick the witch had an amazing voice! it was really really cute i recommend it to anyone!
Then also this weekend and the boys from Zach's team out here in Dallas had a little bbq we all swam and hung out and made these delicious shiskabobs!!!! It is good for them all to hang out and not be working it is a great group of guys. It is such a fun opportunity we have to come and live down here and enjoy these fun things! Well thats it for now... I am off to enjoy my 90 degree sunny weather...

The boys swimming (they all have such gnarly tan lines from being outside ALWAYS)

The boys playing basketball

Jonny, Zach, Aaron, and Cooper


Us and BJ's


  1. BJS? what they named a restaurant after US? Im so happy your loving life out there! cute pictures Miss you beejy weejy lemon squeezy!!

  2. ah so jealous! looks like you guys had a great time!
    lol you crack me up. Elpheba the 'bad witch' or Glinda the 'good witch' AMAZING show I went and saw it months ago and loved it

  3. I am not planning on having another one anytime soon but I do catch myself getting baby hungry every once in a while! Jaxton is still little and we have so much ahead of us. We are back in Idaho finishing up Jaces last semester and then we will head back to Denver for good in August. Jace has a job there and will also be starting a Masters program. It looks like you are having a great time in Texas. Im jealous of the weather there cuz it is so crappy here. Miss you tons and I cant wait to see a lil' Lundgreen!!(You should get on that ... jk)