Friday, June 4, 2010


Who loves Lee DeWyze more than me? I think he has a super sweet style i dig his voice! Sad to see American Idol is over, But real glad he won... I May or May not of voted for him 49 times? I'm just saying...

Can't get enough of Glee

Loving The Bachelorette (I already know who she is gonna pick)

Pandora is so great...

Zach and I need to take way more pictures... I have been slacking!

I miss Cafe Rio real bad...

I have been reading my scriptures EVERYDAY i swear it makes life go so much smoother..

I bought these TOMS shoes at Nordstroms (which I love) for like $40... And you feel so great when you buy them because when you buy a pair of these shoes they give a pair to someone who basically has no shoes... Who knew you could do a little service while you shop?? Thats my kind of shopping! These shoes are the greatest i could buy every color and not even feel bad about buying them.. how great is that??

Lately i have been loving shopping i am like way addicted there are the best malls out here... My goal is to NOT shop until my birthday which is August 2nd i hope i can make it... Zach puts his goal for the summer up on the mirror so i figured i better too! haha
I love painting my nails...lately

Sarah and I made the cutest headbands for 33 cents!!

Is it bad that a put moose in my dogs hair everyday?


  1. hahaha u do NOT put moose in her hair..u crack me up. beej im so proud of u reading ur scriptures everyday. Jer and I used to, we've been slacking but thats one of our goals to be better at it again. love u girl.

  2. I love Tom's! I have the red and silver/sparkly so far. looks like you are having lots of fun there! :D

  3. Um I miss you!!! And I wanna learn how to make the headband!! Its so cute!! OH and good luck with no shopping hahaha. P.S. Maddux misses you

  4. I love Toms. I felt so good when I bought them!! :) Moose in your dog's hair...hilarious! Glad you guys are having a good adventure out there... something you will never forget!

  5. I love this post and I FREAKING WANT THAT HEADBAND! I think you should make me one :)

  6. I LOVE Lee too! Are those shoes comfy? If so, I may go get me some. And please do share on how to make the headbands, that would be fun to do with my girls...hey, maybe we could make them up at the cabin if you come??

  7. Loving the blog Britt! SO fun to read. I am loving Bachelorette too! And it kills me to even think about Cafe Rio! I miss it so much! ha ha Glad you are having a fun summer! And on your post below... GO ZACH holy cow he is on fire! I know so many ppl that end up leaving cause they get like no sales. You are only lucky girl! : ) And your cute pup...she's a doll Billy got me one to hold me off on a baby it totally worked for 3 years.

  8. Miss you!! I LOVE THE BACHELORETTE!! Paul and I already know who is the final 4 and two! Wish we were together for the summer! I am glad B and Zach are doin good!! I need to read my scrips, that was one of my summer goals.. but I am not doing so thanks for motivating me!! LOVE YA!!!

  9. okay so first. i love lee. so glad he won
    second. i cried when i watched the last glee episode.
    third. I LOVE the bachelorette and i hope she chooses Frank.
    fourth. i too love pandora
    fifth. I need to take more pics, but i feel like a heffer being so prego.
    sixth. I miss cafe rio like a miss a bug on the vindoo.
    seventh. i need to read the bom more. you truly are an inspiration. and im proud to say i too am going to try harder.
    eight. Toms .. dont have a pair but i want a pair. they are adorable.
    nineth. i would get a pair if i could afford to shop right now. Good luck with that by the way. :)
    tenth. i cant paint my nails because my belly is too big i cant reach my toes, so i make shane do it for me.
    eleventh. please make me a headband. THEY ARE SOOOO CUTE.
    twelfth. that is hilarious you mousse your dogs hair. hahah ps shes adorable.

    and last but not least 13th. i love you and miss you and cant wait for you to come visit me and my little baby girl. PLEASE COME. i would love it!