Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lake Powell 2010

Lake Powell is honestly the best place on EARTH... Seriously ya don't get much better than it! This year we were out there a whole week (I could of stayed another two weeks). We had so much fun.. We always go every year with the Irvines & the Drapers... We always have such a fun time! This year we did a Lot of fun things...

Wake Boarding
Card Games
Wake Skating
Tube Wars
Air Chairs
and of course eating way more than was needed!!! It wouldn't be Powell with out three HUGE FEASTS & then snacking all day!!! It was tons of fun except the fact that Zach couldn't come!! We missed him like crazy!!! Hopefully we get to come down for Labor Day Luckily we get to go up to his cabin this week in Flaming Gorge, for a family reunion and I already know it will be fun... His grandma is quite the little character!! Anyways we are so lucky that we all get to go to Powell, and lucky we are always so safe!!! Fun memories at Powell for 2010...

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  1. Beejy! I was just thinking to myself...SHE NEEDS TO UPDATE HER BLOG haha!! Remember the tube games we had when we went to lake powell for cheer...From the banana to the tubes?! Looks like you guys had tons of fun! miss you!