Monday, October 17, 2011

Baby Update

Baby baby... We are going on almost 18 weeks! Still sick don't know if it will go away, but in a way it's a blessing cause I know the baby is doing good they say sickness is a good sign.
I went to the dentist today and just about threw up on the hygenist!!! Haha oh the joys of being pregnant!

Other news besides a baby. We are building a home in heber! We just got the plans and just picking out of a couple lots! Zachs dad is a general contractor on the side So Zach and his dad will do lots of the house stuff!!! I am just so excited to pick out colors and all that! Lots to do! It should be fun!

That's it for now

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  1. You are teeny tiny! Sorry you have been sick! I didn't start feeling better until around 20 weeks. Hopefully that will be the same for you! How exciting about the house! I love Heber! Right in the middle of Park City and SLC. Can't get much better!

  2. There's no baby in there! you just ate a hamburger and fries is all... haha you are so stinking tiny!!!! Hope the sickness goes away soon for you :( How fun and exciting the be building a home!

  3. cute bump!!
    and Heber, love it!! such a cute town!

  4. Congrats on the baby! And thats exciting to build a new house too.

  5. Man! If I looked like that at 18 weeks I'd have 12! That's like a week along for me! Hope you get feeling better soon.