Thursday, November 3, 2011

20 week update

Here is the 20 week update! He is still a healthy boy! We had all the measurements where you can see the left and right sides of the brain, and all of the heart chambers! The only thing that is a little bit of a worry is my placenta is kind of low not way way low but it means that I can spot or bleed? My doctor didn't even act like it fazed her but it kind of worries me? She just said we will do a ultra sound again in ten weeks and 9 times out of 10 it will move up. But positive news the baby is healthy really strong good heart beat. Everyone that does our ultrasounds says how much of a mover he is! Hope that doesn't mean he is going to be a rambunctious little guy! My mom and dad both are wishing a little rebel on me. They say i need to have a kid just like I was! haha I would like that anyways here are a couple of pictures from the ultrasound.

Here is me @ 20 weeks holy smokes am I feeling huge! I definitely am feeling like there is something growing in there. The last two weeks I feel so much bigger. My sickness still is not going away but I am glad it isn't everyday like it used to be! I can't figure out which kinds of food this baby likes.

Here are some weird things that being pregnant does to me:

-I have TEENAGE ACNE!!! Little bumps all over my forehead above my chest and my back. They don't pop or do anything just make feel nice and insecure. Also i have more acne then I ever had in my life! What is up with this pregnancy glow people talk about??? I am few and far from that!!
- I hate hate hate mexican food being pregnant.. My favorite food has always been mexican food cheese and spicy. Ohhhhh no it's no good for me! I used to eat Cafe Rio on average 2-3 times a week (and that might be a understatement) now i would rather DIE then eat there. Zach is always like lets eat Rio I say sounds good in 4 MONTHS!!!!
- Not being pregnant I love healthy bread like with all the grains and such. Now if I have that i gag!! I have to have white bread.
- I do NOT have any kind of night life being pregnant. Zach and I would stay up until 1 every night now by 10:00 I call it a night. My nausea and sickness all kicks in at night around 8:00 so i become pretty much worthless after that!


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  1. And so cute beejy! Miss you so much and am so stinkin' excited for you!!! Isn't it crazy what it does to your taste buds? things I used to love to like chicken even the thought of it made me gag no joke. hahah...

  2. You are so tiny and cute! I love it! I had low placenta too and it was no big deal. Acne..yeah I had that horribly. There was nothing that would make it go away except having him! I'm so sorry you're sick though. That is the worst! Glad it's getting a little better. Any names yet? He is going to be the cutest! Hope everything is good with you!

  3. you are TINY! you do not look like you are half way done missy. Hope you're feeling better these days. Decided on a name yet?

  4. I am so excited for you guys, having a baby is so much fun! Being pregnant is hard, but when your done with it you will miss it! {Well I do at least!} You have the cutest little baby bump! Congrats :)

  5. hahah hilarious about you not liking cafe rio.
    when i was pregnant with ivy i was the same way. i could not to mexican...and the smell/thought of rio just about put me under. at the time we had a cafe rio magnet on our fridge and i couldn't even look at it without throwing up.
    good news is that after i had her i could eat it again. crazy thing is when i was pregnant with olive i loved it!!
    haha. pregnancy is so weird!

    (hope you reading this comment doesn't make you want to throw up :)