Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Pre Party

This last weekend we had a Kraupp PRE CHRISTMAS PARTY!! Mo and I will both be with our in-laws this year so we decided to have a little bash before. Christmas is sooo much fun at my parents house Zach calls my dad Clark Grizwalt, haha my dad puts out so many lights up on our house it's not a easy task at all. Don't even get me started on my mother, Momma Kraupp starts decorating right after Halloween cause it takes her THAT LONG!!! She must have 6+ trees, The whole upstairs is all Santa Christmas, Snowmen, Santa, Presents, etc... And then down stairs she does all the true meaning of Christmas 100's of Nativities. Its so fun being down there before Christmas my family for sure knows how to do Christmas.. I should have taking more pictures through out the whole week. But we had lots of fun.

Friday we went to Janessa's Christmas piano recital, then went to a Christmas movie and of course a much needed DQ treat after.. Frozen hot chocolate drinks at the DQ are pretty AMAZING!!!

Saturday we went up to Brian Head and went tubing because I couldn't snowboard. We had TONS of fun!!!
Sunday we all went to listen to my dad speak in church, He spoke up on the true meaning of Christmas & had all us girls in tears with his stories! He is an amazing speaker. We had a HUGE Christmas dinner Turkey and all that Jazz. Then we played the game WHAT! Brandons girlfriend Corby gave it to our family for Christmas and we had some good laughs there!
That wraps up the weekend such a fun family to be apart of now time to prepare for Christmas this Sunday!!!! Merry Christmas EVERYONE!!

Kraupp Kids, Kraupp Family
Kraupp Family @ Brian Head

Brandon & his cute cute GF Corby, Zach & Me looking EXTRA bundled haha

Cutest picture of my Mom & Dad
Cute pic of Chase & MO
My Favorite BIG BRO!!


  1. So fun! I love your family....Brandons dating Corby?? She went to TA when I taught there. she is a cute girl....

  2. Cute pics Britt! :) You girls make some DAAAANG cute snow bunnies!

  3. Aw, your dad is a great speaker! I would have love to have heard that!