Monday, December 12, 2011

26 week update!!

Baby is growing nice and round now!!! I feel like I can't cover it anymore it's just OUT THERE!!!

Fun things about this time:

- He is sooo active he moves like crazy!!
- Fun back pains that never end!!
- Zach is so sweet to me and always taking care of me
- At night Zach sleeps with his hand on my belly so he can always feel him moving!
- He always moves for Zach
- Now he is quite a bit bigger than a ear of corn.

- He weighs almost 2 pounds
- Has a good strong heartbeat (Everytime we go in for a appointment they tell us what a strong heartbeat he has..Zach says,"You know he probably gets that from me I know I have a really good heartbeat!) haha

Here is a couple baby names we like let me know your favorites or if you have better ones please let me know!!! I want like 3 or 4 I like then we will look at him and just know I guess haha!!!

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  1. Cute picture! My favorite name on your list is gavin :)

  2. I vote Brock,Milo, Brody and Bentley!

  3. i can see a little brody or bentley! You are so cute girl you will be a good mama

  4. wow! that made no sense.. i mean, i can picture a little mini you or mini zach being a brody or bentley

  5. You look amazing!!!I love Tripp!!!

  6. Britt! I'm so excited for you guys! You don't even know how much fun you're in for! I promise! I think Gavin Lundgreen is super cute.