Monday, December 5, 2011

The Hospital Visit

It all started when we went down with some of our friends to Temple Square I was having killer chest pains.. And they were getting a lot worse. They started at 6pm on Saturday. We went home from temple square.. While we were at Temple Square I was feeling way light headed like i was going to pass out. Then after we got back to our car the rest of the group went and got hot chocolate I just was feeling super weird and in lots of pain so I was wanting to go home. Zach decided we should go home see if I could sleep it off. We went to the gas station and Zach ran in cause he wanted hot chocolate I was laying down and I just instantly felt super sick, ran outside and just started puking like everything in me (sorry for the detail). It was hurting so bad. Anyways we get home I took a Unisom which helps with Nausea and puts you to sleep. I would drink the littlest bit of water and start getting sick... It was the worst night I couldn't really get the pain under control.

After 12 full hours of the pain not going away Zach took me to the ER @ 5 in the morning. I was throwing up so I think I was dehydrated my body was just shaking. But most of my pain was all the pressure in my chest and in my back and it was going down my arms which was pretty painful. I was really worried about it going down my arms like it was. They took me in and put a IV in and started running fluids through my body which was helping with the shaking. My chest pain was still really painful and being 24 1/2 weeks they have to be more cautious.. SOOO we ended up doing a EKG to test my heart and whatever the results were were not good so then they had to do a CAT scan. I guess being pregnant your blood is thicker and you can get blood clots really easy. So they were worried about a blood clot going to my lungs or my brain. Which was kind of a scary thought.

We ended up getting the scan back and all my blood tests and everything looked good and healthy. Then they just monitored mine and the babies hearts for awhile... everything was good i got some medicine to get rid of all the pain that was so painful. Slept all day Sunday.. And now just trying to get rid of this head cold i have! Its no fun. So thankful for my health and that everything is ok with me and the baby....

Poor Poor Zach was so so tired he kept falling asleep he is sooo good to me and supportive

The positive thing i was all drugged up and i see these Sub 4 Santa ornaments on the tree.. I kept grabbing more and more sooo these are all the kids we will have for Christmas gifts haha

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  1. Oh my goodness how scary! Glad everything is ok with you and baby!

  2. Britt I am so sorry! I can't believe all of that happened afterwards. I'm glad you and the baby are doing ok!

  3. Uggg, how horrible! I can't imagine! I'm glad the results came back ok! Hopefully you feel better soon, & glad the baby is ok too!!

  4. scary beej. Glad everythings good. sounds like when we were admitted for the dang flu only way scarier cuz you are prego. Glad its all good. miss you.

  5. oh man. so scary! glad everything is okay ;)

  6. Geez Britt! That's super scary. I'm glad you and baby are okay!!