Thursday, March 1, 2012

Full term

Over 37 weeks can't believe March is finally here!! I am sooo ready for it to all be over. At first I was very nervous to think about giving birth but now I can't hardly wait to get this little kicker out of my tummy!! I am still working and have so much going on here. I have to pack up the whole house because we are moving right after he gets here. We are headed to St. George for a few months and then out to California!! Zach has started a business out in California and we will be out there for the summer. We decided not to buy a house this year I am kind of sad about it. But it will be good not to be tied down this year and we can come and go as we please! Then decide where we want to end up more.

Things about pregnancy:

- I drink soo much milk don't know why but it tastes so much better being pregnant
- doctor said last appointment he is in position ready to come. She said I was dialated to a 1 and thinning out. Which I know doesn't mean a lot but it's headed in the right direction!
-tomorrow I have my next check up to see if anything has changed!!! I am so ready for him to be here.
-Zach and I are headed tomorrow to get massages mine is a maternity one I can't even explain how excited I am for that.
-I sleep pretty good still I think that's because I am a Kraupp we sleep anywhere and anyhow!!!
-I just got over a 4 week cold finally starting to go away I think my immune system is shot and this baby is taking it all out of me!

More update hopefully soon!!!

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  1. Yay! Count down! I bet you go early!! You look so good! I can't wait to see what he looks like :)

  2. oh man... if only you knew what ppl actually looked like pregnant haha. i show'd my husband your picture and he was thinking you were like 6 months... i was like .. ya NO she is further along then me. i had to tell him woman are never this small... ha. I am excited for ya! and maternity massages are thee best for sure!!! oh i love them i am so jealous! you get like a comfy pillow and its just wonderful !! maybe it will put you into labor!

    1. Beej your TEENY!!! I'm excited to see him!!