Tuesday, March 13, 2012

39 weeks!!!!!!

Couple days and I am 39 weeks!! I am sooo over this pregnancy ready for this little guy to come. Everyone is on their spring break trips and I am sitting at home on the couch trying not to swell up like a marshmallow!!!

Or maybe it's because I wanted food like this!!!

We have been packing all day and we got most of our stuff in storage. Our plan is have this baby up in Park City, wait a week for babies check up then head to STG. I have my baby stuff set up at my moms house. Then Zach will head out a month later to California. Once he has his company set up baby Lundgreen and I will head out!!!

My feet got soooo swollen I worked 9 1/2 hrs the other day and did over 25 haircuts. On top of that I had a doctors appointment and was in bad shape as you can see here my foot is soooo swollen! I went to massage envy to get a massage to try and help me induce labor and get this kid ready to come!!!! Also had to get help on my swollen feet luckily it's all gone now!!

We were cutting hair on Sunday and Zachs mom wanted Monts (Zachs dad) hair like her boys haha so he got it!!! He looks like a total surfer bum now!

Well hopefully one more week will keep ya posted!


  1. 39 weeks and you're that tiny?? So cute! And uh 25 haircuts while you're that far along? That's amazing!

  2. Crazy, 1 more week! You look amazing! The swelling sucks! I drink Diet Mt. Dew as a diuretic, so I can pee off this extra fluid! ha ha! You will have to call me when you get down here and we can sit and hold our babies together! I hope you are feeling good! You can do it! Almost done!!!!!

  3. Great pictures! You look so cute pre go! I cam across your blog and wanted to give you a lil shout out of good luck for this next lil bit bringing that baby home!