Thursday, October 4, 2012

August Update

It seems like I blog about once a month so it looks like ya always get a monthly update, so here it is.
This year for my birthday we were in Austin & it was a little more fun then the last birthday. The last one I was puking and didn't want to shop or eat much. This year I hung out with my two favorite boys. We did lots of shopping and lots of eating! We went to my favorite donut shop. Then Mo watched Bronson while we went out to dinner. It was my first time away from him and I had a little bit of separation anxiety, but it was a fun date night.

He is my world. So in love this little boy

This is Bronson's little buddy. Cash looks so much bigger than Bronson here.

Love that laugh

20 weeks

How do you think he liked the solid food.

21 weeks

Little Brons with his new teddy bear he loves it!

He loves it

Little Cashy & Brons in their matching pj's

Cutest boys ever

Our plane ride back to Texas Bronson slept all but like 30 minutes. They let me take my carseat it was sooo nice.

We are back home! Uncle Ty and Brons together at last.

He is 22 weeks here. Poor guy had his shots today. We went to his 4 month check up he was 16 lbs. So he is 50% in his weight. And 24 inches in height which made his 75% in his height.

My little pirate

His many new facial expressions!

Bath time

5 months old

5 months old. This has been my favorite age so far, minus the teething! He has such a fun personality now. He gets so excited! I love all his little facial expressions! He laughs a lot now and is so ticklish. He has started to eat again and loves it! He cries in-between each bite like he won't get food ever again, he kills me!! He also has a fake cough he does all the time all morning, and also when he wants attention!

This was on Mo's birthday we went to dinner then went to watch Ty's football game and also watch Ness cheer.

I finally got my extensions put back in by Starr over at salon sienne! She is amazing I love them

Labor day at Lake Powell. We had a lot of fun with our little family. Lots of tubing, wakeboarding, and amazing food as always by DeAnna! She spoils us!

Love the mornings with this guy

Dad & Son

Out on our boat ride

Bronson's first trip to Lake Powell

The boys

Loving his toes in the sand

All his cute new facials

Little toes

This is my favorite picture! He loves his aunt Mo!

Our little family!

Perfect baby

This picture is my favorite to date! He looks just like Zach here!

He is so photogenic

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  1. Very exclusive photo and article thanks for sharing.valentines teddy bear

  2. So cute Britt! Your little guy is growing up, and is CUTE AS EVER!!!! I can't believe how much in some pictures he totally Looks like Kraupp, but then in other pictures... He's Zach's twin!!! Seriously, so cute! Looks like you guys have been up to some fun lately! :) (Ps. I'm glad someone else gets a monthly blog update done... haha! Mine are about monthly too!)

  3. You guys are seriously the cutest lil family ever!!!