Sunday, October 21, 2012

September & October

How about I am so awful at blogging! Life has been crazy, we moved back from Austin, we went to Powell, I had surgery on my wrist, we moved back up North to Springville, and it's not even mid September. Bronson is growing up so fast and I have to say this is my favorite age. He loves to laugh. He started laughing a lot around 6 months. He started sitting up a little after 6 months. He rolls almost back to front. He is kind of lazy! He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We have to limit him on it. Haha he loves riding in the car too.

We went to Lake Powell on Labor Day and here were the rest of the pictures. Bronson loves the lake, and Grandpa's boat. Sand was a new thing for him, and he loved the water too, but the life jacket not so much.

Love seeing Zach with him

Bronson with Aunt Mo

We were in St. George for about a month so we were able to go and watch Tyler's football games while Janessa cheered. It's bittersweet to see them so grown up and in high school. I miss the days when they were so little.

I had surgery on my wrist I had a cyst taken out of it clear back from my high school cheering days!

My mom & me out at Aladdin at Tuachan. It was such a fun play!

Chubby baby

We had a girls lunch with all the friends from high school. So fun to catch up with them on all old times.

Fall is in the air! We can't wait for all the fun activities.

Cheering Ty on for Homecoming week.

Ty and his cute homecoming date!

Zach is a big fan of the man pack!

We went to visit Grandma Orange (Zach's Grandma) we always are playing fun games with her.

With Great Grandma Orange

Bronson with his best buddy Cash. We love getting together with the Andra's. Zach and Brandon have been best friends since elementary school. Now their little boys are best buddies.

The Boys & their babies.

Zach trying to get his country roots in Bronson

Brons & Dad on their first horsey ride.

This is our new home in Springville. It's a old 1920's home all remodeled on the inside. It's a in house to rent kind of old and vintage. We hope to make lots of fun memories in this home.

He is such a good baby! We have been in chaos and he still has a huge smile on his face.

Our little skeleton. Happy Halloween everyone.

Trick or Treat

We got family pictures with Zach's family. It was a little hard cause no one took the picture! But at least we got a couple cute pictures.

Someone shared their Popsicle with someone.

We just went to St. George to visit my family. It was a lot of fun & Bronson is spoiled with attention.

Love cuddling with my boy

He woke up as Scar Face!

Letting the fun fall festivities begin!

Zach and his buddies from High School. Now they all have such cute kids!! It's fun to all get together.

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  1. Your much better at updating then I have been lately, I need to find the motivation again! Your little guy is so dang cute! Its been good seeing you, we need to go on a double when you guys are down next!